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Welkom by Key Links

Die Key Links Begeleide leesboeke en Gedeelde leesboeke, beskikbaar in Afrikaans, voldoen aan die behoeftes van die Kurrikulum- en Assesseringsbeleidsverklaring (CAPS) vir Grondslag- en Intermediêre fase.

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Toegang tot die aflaaibare Katalogusse hier.

Afrikaanse Less Reeks

Die Afrikaanse CAPS lyn weergawe is ontwikkel in samewerking met geletterdheid kundiges.

Engelse Lees Reeks

Die goedgekeurde Engelse CAPS Gegradeerde leesreeks.

Wat sê kliënte?

The Key Links readers are enjoyable for learners and educators alike! Colourful pictures, graphs and explanations of visuals make it easy to understand. The content is good, relevant, interesting - even the personal narratives have a lesson to be learnt. The variety of titles is a definite plus. The readers help to boost communication skills of learners who struggle to express themselves…the readers provide a different way of learning other than the usual and they enjoy the time spent with the teacher in a smaller group.
Mr Jabu Nkosi, Woodbridge Primary
“It’s been over a year now that we have been using the KEY LINKS range of books in our Preparatory school. The results have been out of this world. Our learners are thoroughly enjoying the variety of books ranging from narrative to non-fiction.” “l thought the books are only aged up to Grade 6, my grade 7’s are thoroughly enjoying these readers and are aiming at completing the entire range of books, even reading books of the lower grades too. We aim at ordering more to complete our range.”
Gina Kotsiros, Archers College
My learners really enjoy the readers as they have lovely illustrations and the colourful pages really capture their attention. This makes it fun to read. The big books, however, are our favourite, as they are extremely fun to read as a class where the whole class can see the illustrations easily. Our class loves the rhymes and the “wow words” really stand out to them.