The Juta Heritage

Juta and Company (Pty) Ltd is the oldest publishing house in South Africa and, remarkably, remains true to its founder's intent to service education and legal information requirements. Consequently, for more than 160 years Juta and Company has been associated with quality Law, Education and Academic publishing in southern Africa. Drawing on our heritage of authority and excellence, Juta has remained relevant by embracing technological innovation and diversifying beyond publishing to offer e-learning and technology-driven information solutions.

The history of Juta is in many ways the history of publishing and book retailing in South Africa. Jan Carel Juta was an enterprising young Dutchman. Trained in Law and married to Karl Marx’s sister, he sailed to the Cape where, in 1853, he established a company that would be described constant theme is the enterprise, determination and integrity of the people who succeeded Jan Carel Juta.

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Juta building in 1857


Vision and Values

The trusted South African provider of technology-enabled learning and information solutions which enhance performance.

At Juta we are accountable to one another, our customers, authors and shareholders, and are mindful of our role in our community and South Africa:
- we aspire to participative and respectful communication
- we respond with energy and purpose
- we embrace challenges and reward innovation
- we conduct ourselves with integrity and commitment
- we apply ourselves with thoroughness, consistency and heart
- we foster personal development and self-awareness

Divisions and Imprints

Juta Academic at the Forefront of Southern African Academic Publishing is the trusted southern African provider of world-class, locally relevant, technology-enabled content and solutions that enhance learning performance.

Juta Academic Agencies now representing more than eight major international academic publishers, Juta Academic Agencies provides southern African higher education institutions and lecturers with an unrivalled range of higher educational products. These resources, mostly at a post graduate level, are of the highest quality and increase Juta’s reach into southern African tertiary institutions, both public and private.

Juta Education represents several major international educational publishers, and stocks a comprehensive range of technology-enhanced resources of the highest quality specifically for southern African schools.

Juta Law A proud legacy of empowering generations of South Africa’s finest legal minds: Past, Present and Future ‘Juta’ and ‘Jutastat’ are names synonymous with South African legal publishing and a heritage of excellence.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report
At Juta, not only do we focus strategically on the long-term sustainability of the company, but we acknowledge our role and responsibility to the sustainable development of South African education in the interest of economic prosperity, social upliftment and care for our environment.

As a successful for-profit enterprise, Juta is able to support the fiscus through the payment of company taxes and creates jobs for over 200 employees who collectively contribute over R22 million in personal taxes per annum.

Juta has identified transformation in education as a primary focus for our Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Investment programmes. Juta regularly donates reading material such as textbooks and educational readers to worthy causes: Juta supports TSiBA, a not-for-profit provider of Higher Education conferring accredited business degrees to deserving previously disadvantaged students through textbook donations, lecturing contributions, mentoring and internship opportunities.