The UCT Press invites academics to submit proposals for possible publication.
Submission process:
Please submit a synopsis of your proposal, a table of contents, a brief CV, and information on the target market for the publication to:
UCT Press
c/o Juta Academic
P O Box 14373
Lansdowne 7779    
Tel: 021 6592300

Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to UCT Press for consideration are subject to an independent 'blind' peer-review process before final approval for publication by the Editorial Board.

The UCT Press will consider non-fiction titles in the following categories:
• Academic monographs
• Scholarly works 
• Academic texts with potential for prescription at tertiary institutions

UCT Press will not undertake to publish fiction or theses, unless the latter have been reworked into scholarly monographs.

A number of international and national experts in the field will be approached to provide peer-review reports on the manuscript prior to consideration by the Board. You are invited to provide the names and contact details of two appropriate experts who may assist in this process.
The Board will base their approval of manuscripts on evidence provided in the peer-review reports. For Department of Education accreditation purposes, a statement on the nature of this peer-review process undertaken prior to publication will be included on the back of the book, or on the imprint page.
The Editorial Board meets quarterly, but publications can be submitted at any time.