Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa, The (CILSA)

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Abioye, F (Editor) ; Mailula, D T (Editor) ; Schulze, H C A W (Editor) ; Botha, N J (Editor)

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About this Publication:

The Comparative and International Law Journal of Southern Africa (CILSA) is a peer-reviewed academic publication and an accredited South African law journal with a wide international circulation. The journal is published three times a year (March, July, November). We welcome contributions from both South African and non-South African academics and young researchers.

Contents Include:


  • Confused about confusion: is there still a distinction between primary and extended trade mark infringement? – Roshana Kelbrick
  • The limits of police deception in obtaining a confession from a suspect who is neither arrested nor detained: the Canadian Supreme Court leads the way – Bobby Naudé
  • Boko Haram-induced displacement: a critique of Nigeria’s implementation of the African Union Internally Displaced Persons Convention – Romola Adeola
  • A comparative discussion of the regulation of Mental Health Review Boards in South Africa and the Mental Health Review Tribunal in the United Kingdom – Moffat Maitele Ndou
  • The anatomy of African jurisprudence: a basis for understanding the African socio-legal and political cosmology – Dial Dayana Ndima
  • The value of participation and legitimacy in the constitution-making processes of post-independence Cameroon and post-apartheid South Africa – Justin Ngambu Wanki 
  • Addressing the challenge of withdrawal of lump sum retirement benefits payments in South Africa: lessons from Australia – Motseotsile Clement Marumoagae

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